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Joyce Blessing’s Former Publicist Jullie Jay Proves Her Inculpability, Responds to claims of sabotage, Blackmail & wrecking a home

The former assistant of Gospel singer Joyce Blessing has released a “tell it all” statement addressing claims by the artiste that she is the cause of the break up between her and her husband.

Jullie Jay-Kanz said the claims made by the singer are fabricated stories aimed at destroying her.

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In a Facebook post, Ms Jay-Kanz who also worked as a social media manager and a publicist said she had no hand in the singer’s divorce adding “it was Joyce’s own  decision.”

She also dismissed claims by the ‘Adam Nana’ hit singer that she had seized all social media accounts and was demanding a ¢30,000 ransom for it.

Joyce Blessing’s Former Publicist  Jullie Jay Proves Her Inculpability
Joyce Blessing and Jullie Jay

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“She (Joyce Blessing) had seized my belongings and prevented me from picking them from her house since March 2020. She only allowed me to pick them just last Wednesday, August 26.

“The nasty scene that happened when I went to pick up my belongings from her house is another chapter I would not even want to talk about.”

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“I currently do not have access to any of her social media pages as she has alleged. I would entreat her to settle issues with her husband to retrieve her pages and leave me out of their troubles.”

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